I.B.A Assets


  • I.B.A team has an excellent & wide view of Egyptian market in all aspects of collaboration, specially in sales & creating a pioneer SOP for operations due to its long years of experience in the field
  • I.B.A believes in team work which consequently leads to its most valuable asset which is the personnel
  • I.B.A hired the best possible elements in the Egyptian freight forwarding industry
  • I.B.A staff has a long proven experience in logistics and problem solving solutions with all major multinational freight forwarding companies for more than 15 yeas in the Egyptian market
  • I.B.A staff is licensed in customs brokerage, IATA dangerous goods and FIATA logistics permits
  • I.B.A personnel are fully operating with modern technology equipments, and also hired the up to date IT management solutions and team as well
  • I.B.A sales team is the real treasure which produces the up to date pulse of the market, which also helps to expand I.B.A’s market share and its global activity as well


  • I.B.A owns its facilities, offices and warehouses including a small fleet of closed trucks, pick ups and company cars
  • I.B.A new warehouse (600 SQ meters) is fully equipped fork lifts, hydraulic pumps and ramps for easy maneuvering

Information System

  • I.B.A invested in our information systems and planning to expand our system within the coming year to develop and implement the new technologies in order to meet the demand of our growing customers
  • Our software today is very advanced enabling us to catch our partners speed and language